Gospel Light Or Gospel-lite?

Cover Dec 2014Only a crook or a clown offers what he cannot deliver. So which one is God when freewill preachers tell us He desires everyone to be saved and freely, sincerely and genuinely offers salvation to all men and women?
Can God deliver upon such a promise? Not if there is a definite number of individuals in the election of grace. Not if there is a limitation in the number of sinners for whom the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross. Not if the quickening, regenerating, converting work of God the Holy Ghost is restricted only to those chosen in eternity and redeemed by the precious blood of Christ.

So which one is it? Is God a crook, deceiving men and women,
pretending to hold out a genuine salvation fully knowing that provision
for their atonement, forgiveness and reconciliation never was made and
never was intended? Or is God a clown? Has He made a mistake, got
the plan wrong, or perhaps just having a laugh at the sinners’ expense?
Perish the thought!
If sovereign grace believers were contending with Arminians
or Wesleyans of a previous age upon this subject we should be little
surprised. But amazingly, today, it is people who like to call themselves
Modern Calvinists after Reformation hero John Calvin who are dusting off
old heresies and fobbing them off as Biblical Christianity.
They teach that all men are potentially saved by virtue of Christ’s
atonement for sin. They speak of the unlimited value of Christ’s blood
and its sufficiency to save a whole world of sinners. In turn, this allows
them to preach the “gospel” to all men that since God loves sinners, and
Christ died for sinners all that is required of them is to love God in return
and let Him save them, which is, of course, what God has always wanted
to do anyway. They talk-up human responsibility, impose a universal duty
to believe, and appeal to the will of the sinner to “choose” Christ.
This is gospel-lite. It is a stripped down, patched-up, hobbled
together version of Bible teaching, using Bible language, but bereft of all
meaningful content and truth. It is presented as adequate to save sinners
in evangelism and sold widely as an introduction to grace, beyond which
the deeper, secret truths of the Bible can be taught later. Consequently,
the true gospel, the full gospel, the gospel which alone is the power of
God unto salvation is never actually preached to the unsaved.
What these modern Calvinists conceal by this message is the whole
counsel of God, the revealed purpose of God in time and eternity, to
save His people from their sins according to His own power and will.
Sovereign grace is skimmed over, substitution watered down, effectual
calling generalised and eternal security, logically, left swinging on the
hinge of the sinner’s own doubts and fears.
The Lord Jesus Christ, who is the true Light of the world, and His
work of efficacious atonement on the cross, is hidden from view. So, too,
the teaching of Holy Scripture concerning the Father’s eternal electing
love for His people, His everlasting covenant, total depravity, the effectual
calling of the Holy Spirit and eternal union with Christ.
We believe when the true gospel, Paul’s gospel of the Lord Jesus
Christ, of which he and we are not ashamed, is preached to all men
everywhere as the Spirit leads, sinners will truly be converted. We know
that the gospel comes as a savour of life unto life to some but as a savour
of death unto death to others. We know a few will be converted, many
will not. We know that not one sinner more or less will be in heaven for us
preaching Christ, the Gospel Light, in all of His glorious accomplishments.
And we know that we will not have to misspeak our Almighty God, as a
crook or a clown, to offer what He never purposed to bestow.

by Peter L. Meney

(This is the editorial from the December issue of the New Focus Magazine which is available freely as a download from the internet)


About norfolkpreacher

My name is Rev David G. Farrow, I am a retired Independent Reformed pastor and Itinerant Preacher, since retiring I have set up The Force of Truth Ministries which is my own personal ministry. The purpose of the ministry is to seek to promote and defend the Authentic Protestant Faith that was re-established as a result of the 16th Reformation. We live in days of great apostasy and declension with the church in general, error is constantly creeping in, not least in the continued development of the Ecumenical Movement. The words of Jude recorded in his New Testament epistle are more important today as ever they were,"ye should earnestly contend for the faith that was delivered unto the saints". My ministry is mainly internet based via this blog, my personal web site: www.theforceoftruth.com and my podcast www.norfolkman.podomatic.com and in addition I also engage in an ininerant preaching ministry.
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